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Dynamic Websites

Swork Technologies Designs High-Performing Dynamic Websites

Designing a website is a complicated activity that comes with a mix of technology and creativity. Striking a balance between the two is slightly challenging, but for a Dynamic Website Design Company, Swork Technologies, it is simple and effortless. Our web designers are highly proficient in what they do and ensure following the golden rules of usability, navigability, web marketing, functionality and accessibility.

What is a Dynamic Website?

If you are wondering what is a dynamic website, we can help you understand in simple words. A website that is written using a server-side scripting language like ASP, PHP, JSP is referred to as a dynamic website. For example, the pages on dynamic sites can change daily. Such a website has a server-side scripting and client-side scripting that helps in the generation of changing content.

What is Dynamic Web Page?

Another query that most of our clients have is, “what is dynamic web page?” In dynamic web pages, different content is displayed on the same page on the basis of pre-defined conditions. Thus, every time the page is viewed, the user will come across different information. These dynamic web pages are of two types-client site scripting and server-side scripting.

Client-site scripting

In client-site scripting, the change of content on page is in response to an action on the web page. Scripting languages like Flash and JavaScript responds to this scripting.

Server-Site scripting

The change in web page when it is visited or loaded uses server-site scripting. This content is generated upon loading of a web page. Submission forms, forums, login pages and shopping cards uses server-site scripting.At Swork Technologies, the leading dynamic website designing company in Delhi, we work on both static website and dynamic website. We make our clients understand static and dynamic sites and their working, helping them to take a suitable decision.

Frameworks and Technologies Used

Swork Technologies make use of technologies like CSS, HTML, J Query, Bootstrap, Code igniter, Laravel, Joomla, WordPress, Cake PHP, Magento and SQL for the creation of dynamic websites.

Static Website vs Dynamic Website

It is prudent to note that website pages can be either static or dynamic. As the name suggests, there is no change in static website or it stays constant, while in dynamic websites, there is a server-side code that permits the server in generating unique content every time the page is freshly loaded or visited. The current date or time may be displayed, or a unique response may be given based on the web form filled by the user.

When it comes to create dynamic website, the expertise and proficiency of the team of web designers at Swork Technologies is unmatched. They understand the nuances of the field and can help the client creating the best dynamic website design for them.

As a reputed and renowned dynamic website designing company in Delhi, Swork Technologies take pride in offering the best dynamic website design services to our esteemed clients. We strive hard to deliver the excellent business website that works effectively with 100 percent responsiveness. We make use of simple and schematic layouts that allow us to facilitate consultation and identification of page information. We also make sure that the website has no seldom useful or irrelevant elements.

As one of the pioneering dynamic website development company, we strive hard to bring simplicity out of technology. We understand that the web offers a huge platform with shifting technology and endless possibilities. We make sure to create a cleanly designed interface that ensures the website leaving a lasting impact on the visitors. We are usability freaks and brand pushers, and this is clearly evident in our dynamic website development services and solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of web designing and development solutions that are aimed at helping you achieve a robust web presence in your chosen niche.

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