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Web Development

Static Websites

Swork Technologies is a premier web designing and development company offering high-end static websites using traditional programming codes like XHTML, CSS, and HTML. We strive hard to provide excellent web designing solutions to our clients.

Dynamic Websites

Our team of expert web developers creates Superior-end and highly functional dynamic websites. The sites are easy to update and are operated as a system. Our developers provide you the best solutions for dynamic web designs.

E-commerce Websites

Swork Technologies is your go-to for all digital and eCommerce website designing solutions. Our team of highly proficient developers, designers, and digital marketing experts create the right strategy to ensure client project on the right path.

Swork Technologies - the finest website development company in India

Swork Technologies is a pioneering website development company in India having done avant-garde work in this field for years now. Having the best and topmost professionals from the field of Information Technology working with us, we have been able to deliver, time and again, innovative and uniquely designed websites to our clients, helping them fortify their business and branding in the market.

Why is online presence so vital for businesses today?

Online presence for business entities has become so crucial today that irrespective of the scale of your business, getting a brand website designed and developed by a superior website development company becomes one of the primary responsibilities of your marketing department. There are plenty of reasons why businesses need to have an online presence - the most important one being that your existing and potential customers want you to be present in the virtual world even if you do not wish to conduct business online.

The digital world is growing at an enormous rate creating mammoth opportunity for your business to spread out in the market. No doubt your competitors are very active on the online platform. Some interesting data given below validate these points-

S.No. Fact Data
1. Number of internet users globally 4.1 billion as of December 2018
2. How many websites are there globally 1.94 billion as of December 2018
3. To what tune is internet expected to influence retail sales in 2019? $ 3.45 trillion
4. What numbers of people are estimated to make online purchases in 2019? 1.92 billion

What is web designing?

Website is the most elemental and basic yet the most essential aspect of online presence. It is one of the most important ways of interacting and engaging with your target audience. Website designing or development involves numerous activities - from designing graphics to SEO based content writing to coding to designing the interface and user experience. It is an online identity for your business and the better it is, more the probability for visitors to turn into your customers.

Website designing has two features to it - the designing part and the functional part. Hence all business serious about building and sustaining their entity online, need to hire a web design company for the competitive edge.

In order to create a website for your brand one needs to outsource the job only to the best web development company. Yes, it requires substantial investment, but it is worth every ounce of the money and the effort. Development and designing of a website require skills and experience - today web developers use cutting edge technology like multimedia and other latest tools to not only draw traffic to your site but also to keep them engaged and inspire them to come back to your site again and again.

Why is web designing so important?

A good website is an asset for your brand. It will help you earn revenues and contribute towards the top-line growth of your company.

  • Websites directly impact conversions.
  • Websites help the business in reaching markets that would otherwise take years to reach out to.
  • Websites directly impact the branding.

What are the features of a good website?

A good quality website builder will ensure the following -

  1. User-friendliness of the website is a key parameter. In the modern world, 90% of visitors to your site use their smartphones to access it. Hence your site should be adaptive to varying screen resolution, have faster load times and consistent in varying browsing conditions to provide an out-of-the-world experience to the user irrespective of the device being used.
  2. Visually attractive with the right blend of images and content.
  3. Effective site with smooth navigation that is capable of taking care of the ROIs in the long run.
  4. Custom made design so that it is perfectly suitable for your business.

Why Swork Technologies?

Swork Technologies is a top website designing company in India. What makes us the best in the business is our commitment towards making websites that are effectively usable having individualistic appearance and providing value to the user.

As a leading website designing company in Delhi, this is how we do it: -

  • We understand your business and your goal of being online first. Accordingly, we custom design the website for your company and brand.
  • We aim at creating simplistic yet visual appealing websites for our clients.
  • As a professional website design company, we use latest coding and advanced technologies to make your site stand out in the crowded digital space.
  • Search engine optimization is at the core of our website design services.
  • One of the main reasons why our customers vouch for our services is that we never let go of your website. At Swork Technologies, web development services are earmarked as a continual process - once you hire us we are always there to maintain and update it so that your brand website never loses sight of the bottom line of your business.
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