10 ways Android Mobile Applications can boost your business

From mere 10% smart phone users in 2011

more than 36% people were using one in 2018

The number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to touch 2.87 billion next year

The move from using desktops to using a hand-held smart device has ushered in the Mobile era. Research reveals that users these days spend about 89% of their mobile time using Apps

With smart phone users spending a considerable time on the smart devices, it is time commercial business entities move from their websites to invest into building user-friendly and feature-rich Apps to take advantage of the situation.

Here are 10 top reasons why businesses need to hire a reliable and performance-oriented Android app maker to develop impactful Android mobile applications to boost their businesses:-

  • Potential Customers:

    An appropriately developed Android App by an Android developer is one the most practical and comprehensive way to touch-base with regional target markets location- specifically.
  • Speed:

    Android Apps are 1.5 times faster than their website counterparts (Source: https://arpentechnologies.com/en/blog/mobile-applications/whats-better-a-mobile-app-or-a-website/. Data that is stored locally in the mobile is retrieved in fraction of a second whereas in case of websites, crucial time is spent in fetching the data from the server.
  • Personalization:

    Android Apps are getting famously popular because they offer personalized content. Tailor-made, user-centric that is based on the user’s preferences, interest, location, language, culture etc. helps in connecting better with end-users.
  • Innovation:

    Android mobile application development service providers use innovative technology to ensure that the App works, both in the offline and online mode making it very expedient for users to use the App as per their convenience.
  • User Friendly:

    Leading Android App development company in India code the App in a way that it can utilize different features of the smart phone or mobile device like camera, maps etc. that acts as an advantage for the user.
  • User Engagement:

    Businesses are able to send in instant notification and updates to their customers who are using their Apps. This is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising and promoting services.
  • Customization:

    Using the right Android application development services, it is possible to customize the App and brand it as per the company’s standards. From different colours, layouts, features, etc. the app acts as the company’s salesman 24x7.
  • Productivity:

    Android Apps have been proven to increase productivity levels of the employees, vendors and other internal stakeholders by at least 20-40%.(Source: https://medium.com/@KNOWARTH/9-advantages-of-mobile-apps-over-responsive-ecommerce-websites-6aed1e6db0d8
  • Brand:

    The right mobile App can help build the brand of a company in the market. Today consumers are smart and technology-savvy. They prefer to depend on fast Apps to get their work done and entities that do not have an App lose out on targeting these users.
  • Security

    The best Android app development company in Delhi ensures that the App is enabled to accept online payments that are faster as well as securer than using websites.