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Swork Technologies: Infallible SEM services from India’s top PPC management company

In the digital world there are hundreds and thousands of sellers who are constantly vying to catch the attention of a potential buyer. In such a competitive environment, where every business wants the first place, marketers apply different strategies so that their product or services are put right in front of an interested buyer. PPC advertising companies have evolved over the last few years that provide specialized pay-per-click (PPC) services and support to their clients so that customers are able to grow and strengthen their business online.

What is SEM in Digital marketing?

SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. A type of internet marketing, SEM mainly involves paid advertising so that the advertisers’ ads appear on top SERP (search engine results page). SEM is paid advertising in internet marketing field. One of the SEM strategies is PPC. When using this strategy for ads, the advertiser is charged whenever someone clicks on the Ad. Hence it is referred to as PPC.

What is the relevance of PPC services in India?

Internationally PPC services are helping online businesses in the following ways -

S.No Question Statistics
1. How much does a company earn on an average when they spend $1 in Google AdWords services? $ 2
2. How many online shoppers on an average immediately call up the advertiser when they encounter PPC ads? 52%
3. Search ads on Google can increase brand awareness by what percentage? 80%
4. Search ads on Google produce what kind of incremental ad clicks? 89%

Why Swork Technologies?

Swork Technologies is a premier ppc company in India helping differentbusiness entities from various industries to meticulously plan out result-oriented and highly effectual online marketing campaigns related to SEM and pay-per-click.

How can a properly planned and managed SEM help businesses?

Working completely in synchronisation with the statistics shown above, here is how Swork Technologies have been helping its clients for years now –

  • Our SEM strategies help our clients grow their revenues and enhance their returns on investment – the bottom line for which every business works hard and strategizes.
  • With conversion as the primary focus, our fool proof ppc strategies help our clients increase their foothold in their target markets. Since PPC targets motivated customers, we help our clients get the right and the desired kind of traffic to their sites.
  • It is well within the budgetary constraints of small and medium scale businesses.
  • Our well-planned strategies help our clients target the regional and the local market better.
  • Our effective SEM campaigns start to show results almost immediately.
  • It helps our clients get steady and reliable traffic to their sites on an ongoing basis.
  • A well-structured campaign that combines well the keyword bid with high quality score enables the ads of our clients to rank at the top of SERPs.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a trustworthy and efficient PPC management company is the window that it provides to the clients to the amazing and dynamic world of mobile marketing as well – a very essential aspect of the digital world today that can no longer be ignored by the online marketplace. About 48% of online consumers start their online research on mobiles from search engines. As one of the leading Google AdWords experts in the country and a top ppc management services provider, Swork Technologies has been able to assist its customers in optimally capitalizing on the mobile marketing gamut through its realistic and perfectly prepared online marketing campaigns.

Call us today to learn more about our role in curating the right ppc plans for your company!

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